November 20, 2006

Solving problems with Counting (The Fundamental Principle of Counting)

hi its azn to the chilly here, am the scribe today.... so the morning class we began with Mr. K talking about which is own now by Flickr is use for photo share with the reserver right to share it or not, just look at some good and wired photos. If you have a yahoo account, its more quicker to get a free account from flickr but if you don't have one to have to get a yahoo account first before getting a flickr account. Mr.k was talking about flickr cause our assignment that due by Friday was to find a number that multiplies and add to get the original number and post it to

step1: look around you for an interesting number to take a picture

step2: after you took a picture of a number upload it to your account

step3:get a license for the picture if u want to share it or get the same license which is used by

step4: tag to with the number you took of

Later that morning after we saw the assignment and what to get a free account from, he gave us number to put us into group of four for some problem solving....
here is some answers we found out from Mr.K
1. 13!

2. 2!5!8!


=3! (husbands had no choice)


5) Mr.K didn't finish the question cause of the bell rang before he had the chance to give us the answers

So we came back for our second class in the afternoon, Mr.K gave us another number to get into groups of four or three which toke most or all class to do up till 6. but after some talky, talky and group thinking Mr.K help us figure out all the questions out and explain it out so we can understand it clearly so here the answer we got from him....










then the bell rang again Mr.K told us the other question will be on blogger and we had to all the
questions that was left for us to do, there will be the answer to those questions. I think that's it have to say for today and what i have learned from this all so who will be the next scriber is......

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