November 30, 2006

Jho's Bob =)

Well this unit was an okay unit for me, it was kind of a refreshment of what i left of last year. I remember last year this was one of my best units, but for this year, i've learned some new stuff, like the pascals triangle and the bionomial expansion, unless i just forgot. But yeah i think i've learned alot more this year about this unit when i was teached about it last year. I hope i pass the test, i'm not oh to convinced that ill be superior for this quiz, because of my absenses and my failure to keep up with what we learnt. But i will try my best.

Oh yeah sorry about not posting up a scribe post yesterday, i couldn't get my internet going, after work, but i have informed who will be the scribe for today. I'll try to have my scribe up ASAP. GOOD luck everybody

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