November 13, 2006

Allens BoB

Okay, another test. I think I will be ready for this one, all i need to do is remember when to use the right formula for the word problems, and to slow down and read the question completely. I was having a hard time when we were being tought how to do them because i didnt have my calculator, so i couldnt follow along. Otherwise this unit has been pretty straight forward. Another thing that i had trouble with was the "e" but now i have a pretty good grasp of it.
Good luck in acheving and 80% on this test remember not to make it your goal, your goal is 100% so even if you do bad you most likely will have and 80%+. and thats it.......oh yeah sorry for not posting up my other BoB before this heh, there was a scribe post that made me forget to post it heh.

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