November 29, 2006

BOB time again!!!

I would just like to say that this has definitely been my favorite unit!! I have also done permutations and combinations before, but alas my teacher didn't exactly explain it.. at all... which meant it was really hard for me to understand... luckily mr. k is sooo much better at making things easier to understand!!! this unit actually made total sense to me and instead of feeling like i was completely lost all the time, i actually answered some questions!! woo hoo... and i've already done much better on the online quiz then i did during logs so i feel much better... with a little more practice on my part, and some discussion in class first class tomorrow, i think i might actually do well on the unit test... which would be nice for once... i really need to get my mark up, and i'm going to have to work on it, but i think i can do it if i really try!! ok well i'm done, yay for permutations and combinations... i hope i didn't just jinx myself for the test :P ... ah ha.. well good luck everyone and i'll see you in the morning!!!

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