November 13, 2006

daphne's 4th BOB

The topic about exponents and logarithms are more interesting because there are lots of clever ideas popping up but then there are some concerns regarding it, it is more tricky than the usual topics. Why? Because as you solve the problem, you have a doubt that maybe this is not the right answer. As we go along with this, logarithms and exponents are under a tough unit. Sometimes when I see a problem, I don't know how to start solving it because when you look in every problem, it seems like it is very difficult to solve. Actually, I always forgot that LOGARITHM IS AN EXPONENT! That is why some of the problems needed to be solved come up with the wrong result. Another is the topic about interest. I found it hard to distinguish whether the givens are under such labels in the formula. As a result, wrong answer popped up. Generally, this unit became another challenge for me. It sometimes became a barrier in order for me to have good grades but I know I can do it. I just need to study more!!!

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