November 29, 2006


This unit was pretty straight and went by really fast...the only problem I have with this unit is when to use "pick" and "choose" because for the bus problem we used "pick" so does that mean we use "pick" for the desk questions too? because what if the student wanted to sit in a particular desk, how are we to know, and for the bus question how do we know if they want a specific seat like one near the window?...and for the quiz I thought I seriously knew all the answer but it didn't turn out that way, which surprised me. As for when we draw the "slots", how do we know when to do that or factorial...because on the quiz I did a question in factorial and the answer didn't turn out right. Anyway I'm sure it'll be fine because I understand all of the group work and in-class board questions..well good luck to everyone and as Mr.K says it "may the best news be yours" =)

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