September 24, 2006

Steve's Blogging on Blogging

Greetings, this is my first post on this blog. We're 3 weeks into the school year and our first test happens to be tomorrow, great. >_>; Doing some last minute studying i remember i have to write this thing for that oh so needed mark on the test. Well from the start i had some (i say some) experience with circular functions, so all that memorizing the unit circle and all the fixin's came from digging it all out from the o' noodle. Like other fellow students have mentioned in their posts, yes it is getting tougher, and Mr.K is taking it up a notch week after week, with that said the pre test was horrible to me ;_;. Learning from my mistakes (knowing "try try again" is officially a taboo as of a few days ago) hopefully i am able to keep up the pace. Well, this ends my post. Cheers to a hopeful successful semester.


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