September 23, 2006

Oliver's Blogging on Blogging

Ok, so this is my Blogging on blogging and I would just like to say that his math class is great, Mr. K is a good teacher, who speaks in depth and so far I some of it, is understandable to me. I'd like to say that what we did on fridy was a good start on forming some study groups, and also good way to get acquainted with some of our classmates, because you know we usually just sit on one part of the classroom and never really get to go to the other side. Also, when I was in calgary, we had like tutorials in the morning, when the teacher would come early, like around 8:00 am, and we would get to ask for questions we couldn't do on homeworks , or we get to see some of our old tests and ask how to figure them out, and I believe it was very helpful for me last year, and maybe that can happen here too, well it doesn't have to happen, just a thought I guess. Wel this is it for my blogging on blogging, Oliver B signing off. * Click *.

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