September 12, 2006

Second Scribe Post

Yeah this post has been really late, you see first time I had problems even signing into the site it's been fixed now, I just forgot.....then had to be reminded.

Don't expect too much, just an early warning.

The start of the class was about the same as usual we began with a quick
set of questions on the board then we went over them and the homework that
was assigned to see if anyone needed any help.

During the lesson one of the subjects was about how negative degrees moved in the opposite direction (clockwise) compared

to the positive which moved counter-clockwise.

Aside from that we also talked about using radians to figure out which quadrant it was indicating.

For example -8π/45, since -8 the numerator isn’t half of 45 the denominator the angle remains in quadrant four rather then quadrant 3.

Another example would be 5/9, one might assume otherwise but since the numerator doesn’t have the π symbol the numerator is actually less then the denominator.

Lastly we went over the equations for calculating arc length and areas of sectors along with converting degrees and radians.

Converting Degrees & Radians:

[π/180° = R/D] R = Radians can also be written as [D/180° = R/π]
D = Degrees

Calculating Arc Length

[θ/360° = Arc Length/2πr] r = radius

Calculating Areas of Sectors

Angle out of 360°{θ/360° = Sector/π r2} Sector out of the total area.

Short ain't it?
The next scribe was already informed a long while ago.

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