September 24, 2006

daphne's blogging on blogging

This is my first blogging on blogging...Well mathematics is one of my weakness when it comes to academic subjects. I really found it hard to understand in just a snap the topics discussed in this subject. It requires me to focus more on each of the topics in order for me to understand it well. In our class, I found Mr. K helpful because he explains the lessons well. Sometimes he gives some examples applied in our daily living for us to understand it more. Moreover, some of my classmates help me in some of my problems which regards in solving mathematical problems.
Math lessons are hard to understand but very helpful when you get it. One time during our period, I asked Mr. K a question that pushed him to explain the pattern I can't understand. He taught me the easiest way to memorize the exact values in the unit circle and when I got it, it helped me to have high scores in our mental math quiz. I find it very cool because I didn't see the pattern on the first place. As a conclusion, Mr. K teaches us in a very understandable way of learning math. All I can say is I have to work harder in order to achieve that high grade.

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