September 24, 2006

Allens' Blogging on Blogging

Okay what should I say first......... Ah! I know, math is hard. What else?......... yeah that's about it. Well I didn't think PreCal would be a walk in the park, I completely understood what we where tough in the first few classes, but the trig stuff not so. Last year I was pro when it came to the circle stuff, but it didn't have trig involved. Once we started the trig unit I was basically completely focused on learning it but then I kinda dosed off for a second and BAM! I was lost. But I am starting to catch up, after re-reading my notes over and over again, and also visiting the Scribe posts, that are really helpful. Also the circle stuff is actually interesting, like how sin and cos are all related in some way. And um...................where was I? Ah, yes that's it I guess.
Oh one more thing does my writing have to be green?


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