September 21, 2006

Ashley's Blogging on Blogging

Okay so this is my first blogging on blogging post and what can I say?! *thinks hard* Oh I know!! Math is hard!!! C'mon admit it is. I remember vaguely on the first day of class I was completely lost because Mr.K was talking about circles and radians and degrees and angles. I look around the class and it seems like most people get it and I'm like 'huh'?! But after a few classes more i finally get the whole radians thing on the circle. like how to plot the radians on the circle. for awhile there i had no idea what 3Π/2 was but after close examination i finally got it and i was so happy! a week later my happiness died and i became confused once again after Mr. K taught us about graphing trigonometric functions. i sort of get it now after asking my fellow classmates for help. my progress in class i suppose you could say is like a turtle walking. I'm slowly understanding. it just takes time for my brain to process everything Mr.K says when he talks. hopefully I'll do alright on the test*crosses fingers*

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  1. Hi Ashley,

    I'm one who would agree that "math is hard". I'm designing an online math course for teachers now and it is challenging to say the least! I do know that when I finally figure out a concept and how to present it after wracking my brains for hours, I feel pretty good. I was challenged, met the challenge and had success. And then there is the next unit, and I start all over again. So what you described really resonated with me. Since your scribe is in the Hall of Fame, I'm thinking your meeting the challenge has brought you success too!

    And you've discovered that collaborating with classmates is a good strategy to deepen your understanding! I can relate to that too because when I design courses, I'm part of a team and can go to the design team for help when I know I could use some clarification. What is so exciting is that we all learn from each other; I’m wondering do you think that in your asking your classmates, you also help their learning, and might your scribe deepened their understanding of the content?

    From one who knows, when you look around and “it seems like most people get it and I'm like 'huh'?!”. They don’t!!!!! I’m betting half your classmates are feeling just as you do. I wonder if asking a question at that point, could you be helping not only you but all those others who might not be as courageous as you to ask?

    You mentioned *crosses fingers*. Your strategies are good! You’re smart; you are in pre cal! And as Mr. K. mentioned “You are the master of your own destiny so make it happen.” You did that in your scribe! I’m wondering if your collaboration with your fellow students, and your diligence in meeting the challenge of each topic, along with your and your classmates’ scribes doesn’t really eliminate the need for “crossed fingers”?