September 20, 2006

Jho-Ann's blogging on blogging

This will be the first post from me on this blogging on blogging =). When we first came to class, we were asked why there was 360 degrees in a circle, of course i did some research and my results were because in ancient times, they used a base of 60 , when we now use a base of 10, but we went further on and discussed another reason why there was 360 degrees in a circle. We began to learn all these values within a 360 degree circle. For ex. sin of 90degrees = 1, then therefore led us into the unit we were about to learn; the unit circle/ circular functions. At my previous school I have already learnt the unit circle/circular functions, but it wasn't explained as well as how Mr. K explains it. He explains in detail on why those values became to be those values, i really like on how he goes in depth,he makes it easier for me to understand the concept.I believe that I'm progressing in his class in comparison to last year, where i was pretty much guessing every value on the unit circle, whereas of now i don't have to guess, because i KNOW it. It's amazing actually because you'd think there are so many values to remember but actually there's not,you'll notice the patterns, as what Mr.K repeats over and over in class is that," Math is the science of patterns". We just have to look for them. Hm mm..a brief way to compare and contrast DEGREES VS. RADIANS...dun dun dun...sounds hard?! (laughing) just kidding..well it is actually a little hard to explain. The only similarity that i can think of as of now is that they are both units of measurement, the difference between the two units of measurement is that degrees has a little circle symbol following after the number, so we know its a form of measurement in degrees, whereas radians has no symbol following after its number, therefore we must automatically assume its measured in radians.

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