September 23, 2006

Lisa's Blogging on Blogging

Well.. well.. well.. what to say?? Um ok, so Manitoba is so much different than Ontario... So back home our grade 11 course sort of resembles this pre-cal course... we learned radians, and sine and cosine curves, but never in so much detail... math has never exactly been my favorite or best subject, and when i took my grade 11 course I didn't exactly understand a lot of what the teacher was saying. She didn't explain why radians are what they are, or many of the other things we've learned in this class, so this is like learning everything you have to know after already learning it the hard way.. ugh!! Unfortunatly even though this is like my second time taking the course, I'm still struggling with it... for example, in my school we never learned almost anything about the circle.. yesterday when Mr.K asked us what a tangent function looked like... and everyone was like "Oh ya" after he showed us, I still was like "What??" not knowing some of the basics that you guys have already learned is slowing me up... I'm learning them... but it doesn't seem quickly enough... I guess i'm a little slow in this department :P all i can do is work hard, ask about what i don't understand (even though I'm a little shy) and try my best... well i guess we'll see how i do on the next test :P .... Well i guess that's all for now....

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