October 24, 2006

Richard's Blogging on Blogging 3


I guess this is the easiest unit so far. Maybe because I like Algebra and it's fun to untangle things out. It's just like a mystery that you need to solve using a lot of proven data. Aside from that, there is a lot of possible ways to use in order to get the answer. You just have to think wide. Think of the other possibilities.

I don't have any difficulties regarding this unit. It is just some of the questions are tricky. You can get it simply in a short way. But if you miss some ideas, it may lead you to a long and tangled equation.

I hope we all do good on our test. Do your best! Don't ever, ever give up!

1 comment:

  1. I like that Richard ... "you just have to think wide" ... mind if I use that in a class sometime? ;-)