October 26, 2006

Lisa's Blogging on Blogging #3

Oh boy, i hope this isn't too late... i was told today that the test is on friday, which means i still have some time to finish this... i wrote BOB on my hand but didn't see it until now... well this unit seemed pretty easy in the beginning... i found the first equations super simple to solve and follow... but as we got harder and harder my obvious troubles with equations seemed to creep up again... and when i lose faith in my knowledge, i lose all my composure and can't solve a thing... even if i do know my stuff deep down... my math expertise has really fizzled and now i need to pay attention more then ever... i think the hardest part for me is putting it all together... for example i may know my stuff, but when its phrased differently then i'm use to i can't seem to figure it out even if its the exact same question... like the pre-test my brain just said "i don't know what its talking about" and i couldn't figure it out... but when it was explained i was like "oh hey that's just like this!!".....i think i really need to just keep getting up on that bicycle and trying again no matter how many times i fall.... i'm doing my best, but my best isn't good enough so i have to try harder... and i will.... i guess that's all for now i gotta be getting to bed.... Night all!!!

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