October 08, 2006

Lisa's Blogging on Blogging #2

Ok, well here's for round two i guess... so I would just like to say I like this unit soooo much more than last unit.. I'm not sure why i was having such a problem with the last unit, but this one is soo much easier to understand. Transforming functions is pretty simple for me really... probably the hardest part about the starting of the unit was writing the equations.. for example, on the quiz i got horizontal stretch and compression mixed up (i was suppose to write 2x and i wrote
1\2x.. and vice versa) ... I think i've got the problem cleared up with that though (if not i'll be catching up with someone to tell me what i'm doing wrong :P)... after that it was pretty much smooth sailing.. well until we hit the fancy problem solving things that we're doing now.. as long as i pay full attention, i think i'm ok... I think it maybe i understand better now that i'm trying to participate in class more. The more i participate the more i understand i think, so i'm going to try to keep it up... hmm I didn't really have too much trouble on Jho-Ann's bicycle, but i'm not sure i'm 100% right, but knowing jessica got the same answer helped... i guess that's really all for now i guess... i have to go finish the rest of that math homework for tuesday... i hoped everyone is enjoying their thanksgiving long weekend!! Later!!

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