October 10, 2006

Blogging on Blogging - Transformations

The Transformations unit was simpler than Circular Functions, to me anyways, but it also had some of its difficulties. I learned to move functions up, down, left, and right; I also learned to stretched the graph horizontally and vertically. To me it was similar to what we did in the last unit because of what we had to do to the sine and cosine graphs. I think I'll only have a hard time doing the word problems we've done over the last few days. I'll look over the homework too and get more help in class before the test so it might be easier to understand the questions later. On the first quiz we did on this unit I did really well, so I'm confident that I'll at least be able to do the translations right. It's just the stretching and the compressing that gets confusing sometimes.

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