October 25, 2006

Let's just get on with the scribe....in the morning we had a pre-test on our unit on Identities. The questions will be posted below as a tool to help you study.

1) Simplify: sin(2x + π)

(A) sin2x (B) cos2x (C) -2sinx (D) -cosx

2) The terminal arm of angle θ in standard position passes through point (m,n), where m>0, n>0. Determine the value of sin (π + θ)


(1) (c)

(2) (a)

(3) 1

(4) π

(5) should end up with tanx=tanx

In the afternoon class we started our new unit.

Complete the table of values:
Then we completed this question:
(-2)^x The graph of this function has no y-value for all the odd numbers because you can't take the square root of a negative number.
These two are not the same things.
HOMEWORK: ex. 19
next scribe is Ashley =)

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  1. Great images. It looks like you didn't use paint. What did you use. They are very clean and understandable.

    Great scribe.

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    Mr. harbeck
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