October 24, 2006

daphne's BOB part 3

The lesson about identities was easier for me than the past lesson. I found it very interesting because when we first took our exercise, I answered it correctly. It helped me to understand it better when I used to answer the questions in the assignments and it amazed me because most of the questions given in the class are the ones given in the assignment. However, there are times that even though I did the assignment I encountered some difficulties in answering some seatworks but then I asked some of my classmates to help me solved the problem and I thank them for doing such a wonderful thing. On the other hand, Mr. K did explained to us everything in a fully detailed manner, so it also gave the whole class better points to remember in solving identities.
In general, the lesson about identities was a challenge for me because it summarizes everything we took starting from lesson one up to the present lesson. Therefore, there is a need for me and for the others to study more because this can tell whether or not we understood the whole lesson.

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