October 09, 2006

Ashley's Blogging on Blogging 2

So let see my second blogging on blogging post and I think I'm doing ok. I sort of get Transformations. I mean I finally get the phase shift and I'm able to write equations for sine and cosine now. Sort of. There are some parts where I get mixed up and I double guess myself because I'm not sure. What we learned on Friday made it harder for me to understand. But after doing the jho-ann's bicycle question and looking at what jessicajill got I sort of understand how to do the question and after reviewing my notes I sort of understand what Mr.K was doing too. But I think Transformations is a tad bit easier than circular functions but it's not that easy. I do have to say that procrastination is bad!! Internet is just horrible even though I love the net. I'll think of a way to do my homework earlier instead of late which is contributing to my lack of understanding math. So starting tomorrow i'll do my work earlier. yup.

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