September 25, 2006

Scribe Post

Well folks, I'm the scribe today, but the only problem is, Mr. K was not available in our class today because well I'm not even sure, my only guess is that he's probably sick since he's been coughing and sneezing during school, so at least he's gotten some rest for today. I'm not sure what to put here because we did have a substitute for today and only had one class for the day which makes it difficult to write anything. Although we did have this test today and I found the test in the middle of easy and difficult. Although personally I believe I understood most of what was going on in the test, and hopefully I had done well. A few questions on the test did bug me, because I had not known what to do on it, one of the questions were determining the period, and this other question about a point on the unit circle and some kind of point that made 3.45 rotations, plus I also had a bit of trouble on the last question, I tried to do the best I can on them but have forgotten on what to do with them. Other than that, I think I did okay, and this is all for now until next time.

I will choose Jess as the next scribe, but if this scribe post isn't good enough since we had a substitute I'd be more than happier to make another one for tomorrow's class.

Jess is next scribe.

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