September 24, 2006

Jess' Blogging on Blogging

Hi everyone! :) This is my first blogging on blogging! Well, to start this off, all i can say is "Pre-cal is errr.." even though it is my favorite subject! It is really getting harder each day, and I'm just afraid that i'll get lost in the few weeks, but hopefully not. Anyways, all the examples and questions that we usually use to start off the class are really help because i think it brings back the stuffs that we learned the day before so we wouldn't forget how to this and that, plus, we also learn new stuffs from it, so i hope that Mr.K would give us more and more practices like this! Well, i guess that is it. It's kinda late now and i have to review the notes, and all those examples, so goodluck on the test everyone! :)

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