September 06, 2006

Did you know?

In today's class we saw the movie: Did you know?

There was a lot of information packed into that 8 minutes. When I asked you to respond to what you had seen you were all very quiet. I know the first time I watched it I was a little overwhelmed and needed time to think about it. Actually, I watched it over again several times.

OK, you've had some time to think about it; now you can respond to it ...

  • What surprised you the most? Why was it surprising?

  • Did you learn anything? If so, what?

  • As you think about it now, does this change the way you think about school, learning or the purpose of getting an education? Is there anything you want to do differently related to school this year?

  • What Shift is happening?

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  1. The blog had to be deleted and rebuilt. Unfortunately the comments to this post were also deleted.

    Fortunately I saved them and am reposting them all as a single comment here. ;-)


    ricardo said...

    It was a very great show. It opened our eyes to reality of the near future. The new generation of the new and advanced technology is fast approaching. For me, this is the shift that happens.

    However, it made me think why Mr. Kuropatwa said that our learning will be obsolete. It's like "what is the use of going to school?" Well, learning is continuous process. It doesn't only exist in school, but everywhere on our daily life. We are in school for preparation to the future.

    I guess that 8 minute slide show made a great impact on us. But then it made us to be aware and to be prepared for the shift that happens.
    9/07/2006 5:50 PM

    Anonymous said...

    that video makes me think....not sure what i am thinking about, it just makes me think......

    i love the music though ^_^
    9/07/2006 6:01 PM

    jeff_boy50 said...

    As Ricardo said, It was a great show. It really made me think about how advanced our techonology will be in the future. I also agree with Ricardo, learning is a continous process. Even if about half of what we've learned in the first year of university will be obsolete in 4 years, i still think it will be useful one day.
    9/07/2006 8:25 PM

    Jason said...

    The thing that surprised me the most was the section detailing how much new information was being gained everyday that past, and how by the time we graduate and are ready to start working almost everything we've learned will be useless.

    What I learned was how competetive the industries were getting as more and more people were competing to find their own jobs. As for school it doesn't really matter does it? We're still going to go to school and learn it's not like this is going to change so easily.

    The shift is the workplace being taken over slowly by more and more electronic equipment as human workers are slowly being replaced.
    9/07/2006 9:12 PM

    jaifel said...

    What surprised me the most on that show is the fact that humans acquire knowledge in a very fast pace these days (and that it will become faster in the near future).

    The slide show made me think that if we want to have a good life in the future, we should all be prepared to compete globally.

    And those facts absolutely made me want to focus on my studies more! Personally I will try to discover more ways for me to enjoy learning.
    If I can't cope up with the changes in informations and technology during these times, how much more if informations change after just three days, right!?

    Shift that is happening around us are changes in peoples knowledge, a country's or different country's change in the face of the world and so on....
    9/07/2006 10:43 PM

    jess said...
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    9/07/2006 10:48 PM

    jess said...

    I agree with the others that the movie was great and it was pretty surprising me from the beginning, mostly from everything and really got me thinking. But the thing that surprised me the most is to know that what we have learned today would be a waste in the future.

    But even though, it’d be useless doesn’t mean that we should have stop going to school or getting an education. As Jeff said, I think we might be need it in the future still, and it might help, rather than give up and wait to see whats happen. “We are in school to prepare for the future.”

    And I think the shift that is happening in this movie is the changes of the technology and knowledge of people everywhere in the world.
    9/07/2006 10:54 PM

    jhoann said...

    I thought the "Did You Know" movie was interesting. It gave me an insight of the near future to come, and the changes of technology that has happend throughout the past. It was surprising for me to find out that in the near future that the students of China will be the top country in the world to speak english, and they are our top competition for getting jobs that don't even exist yet.

    When i watched that movie, my perspective on school has changed, before i used to take school for granted and did not pay attention, but this "Did You Know" movie has opened my eyes, that there is a lot of competetion in the real world and reality will start soon.If i am not committed in learning now, when will i ever learn. The purpose of school is to teach us, to learn how to learn.

    Like Mr. Kuropatwa said in the near future everything we learned will be obslete, so the best solution to this, is to learn the problem, understand it, and just be aware that changes happen in our daily life, small or big.

    I am not really sure of my answer, but i guess the shift that is happening is the technology is changing, our brains are being exposed to many more problems, and we will need to learn quickly and absorb all information, and we will continue to build our knowledge as technology is changing.
    9/07/2006 11:12 PM

    Ashley said...

    The video was great as you all said and it made me think about the future. It was suprising to find out that what we learn today will be obsolete in the future. I guess the whole video suprised me.

    I learned that I have to work harder in school because in the future, jobs that I want may be taken from people in China or India. I also learned that I don't know much about technology, especially computers.

    I think the shift has something to do with change. I'm not really sure. I think it has something to do with techonolgy.
    9/07/2006 11:35 PM

    Lani said...

    What a way to begin calculus! ‘Did you know’ is a pretty powerful presentation isn’t it? I would have enjoyed observing and listening in your classroom! Serious thinking going on here in your comments. I wonder if Jhoann has hit upon something -- the purpose of school is “to learn how to learn”. And if so, is what you know going to be the primary factor in helping you compete? Do you think this has something to do with “Shift”? Lots of food for thought--
    9/08/2006 2:07 PM

  2. in the video that I saw, it made me thinks of what might happen in the future. the technology now is really also made me think if we want to have a good life in the future, we should learn how to compete and get the learning in all what we have done.

    For me, i think the the shift has something to do with changes. we should continue to build our knowledge if ever there will be changes in the future.
    how amazing it was.!