January 13, 2007

Scribe Post


Okay, sorry this scribe is so late but I got it done heh. Leave some comments if you think there could have been some changes to make it more funny or just funny. Click on the pictures to view. And the next scribe is on my other scribe post which is up to date.


  1. This is soo good... awesome that you included mr. k's mighty sWord... ah ha... and that it all turned out to be a lesson on conics!! simply spectacular :D

  2. Allan this is a great post. I will have to show it to my students. YOu have captured the lesson, included math and expressed your ability to draw.

    this is unique for a scribe post. Humor and math.... who figured.

    Great post and Hall of Fame Worthy.

    Thanks for trying something different with your scribe. AWESOME.

    Mr. Harbeck
    Sargent Park School.

  3. wow!
    very great allen!!
    this is so cool...
    I never thought of having a scribe post like this..

    ...because of its uniqueness,
    u get my vote to "hall of shame" ahhmm.. "i mean hall of fame"

  4. Allen,

    I loved the comic, but I do hope Mr K. did not do any such thing as sliced and diced while dressed in funky clothes. Although, I think it was a stroke of a genius to have him fight with a ruler!

    Thumbs up for creativity!!!


  5. Hi Allen,

    Echoing "Hall of Fame" worthy here!! What great fun!

    --"cool", "awesome", "spectacular", "stroke of genius", and "unique"-- Can I add "original"?


  6. I've seen this before it was published, but seeing it again is as awesome as it was seen the first time, good job Allen, I vote you in the Hall Of Fame =).

  7. So this is what Oliver was talking about! Haha... Awesome job Allen!!! It was very funny and the drawings were cool. Definetly Hall of Fame Worthy(:

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