January 16, 2007

daph's seventh BOB

Probability for me is one of the scariest topics in mathematics. I found it hard to solve questions about cards and its decks. Moreover, thinking for the starting solution such as the tree diagram is another burden for me because I cannot really imagine things to be fitted in the diagram. On the contrary, I found it a little challenging. Some of the questions are really tough but sometimes I managed to solve it. Another is I want to acknowledge the effort that Mr. K gave to us in order to understand the probability well because he explained everything in details and still willing to explain it more if some of us was not able to understand it.
Honestly saying I'm not doing my assignments in probability. It is the reason why I cannot push myself in to a higher level when it comes to probability.
GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
God bless us all in the upcoming test!!!!!!!!

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