January 16, 2007

Scribe post

Hey everyone its Tennyson ,well today we just did some questions but i was unable to finish. i will just put down the one that we did only.The next scriber can carry out the other questions.

1). List the 1st four terms in each sequence

a).tn= 3(n-1)
c).tn=2(power of)n-1

a).tn= 3(n-1)

  • -tn=3(1-1)
  • -tn=3(0)
  • -tn=0

  • -tn=3(2-1)
  • -tn=3(1)
  • -tn=3

  • -tn=3(3-1)
  • -tn=3(2)
  • -tn=6

  • -tn=3(4-1)
  • -tn=3(3)
  • -tn=9



  • -tn=(1-1)2
  • -tn=0

  • -tn=(2-1)2
  • -tn=(1)2

  • -tn=(3-1)2
  • -tn=(2)2

  • -tn=(4-1)2
  • -tn=(3)2

Answer: 0,1,4,9

c).tn=2(power of)n-1

  • -tn=2(power of)1-1
  • -tn=2(power of)0
  • -tn=1

  • -tn=2(power of)2-1
  • -tn=2(power of)1

  • -tn=2(power of)3-1
  • -tn=2(power of)2
  • -tn=4

  • -tn=2(power of)4-1
  • -tn=2(power of)3
  • -tn=8

Answer: 1,2,4,8

Later on , we talked if the question was a Geometric sequences ,Arithmetic sequences, or neither.

a).This question is an arithmetic sequence because when the number is the same ,you add or subtract from each of the numbers to get the next number in the sequence.

b).This question is neither because They dont involve in multiplying ,divid,adding,or subtract , it just does have the patterns like the other sequences.

c). This question is an geometric sequences, because the common ratio is a number that you can multiply term in order to get the other next term like,Also can be divided by the previous term.

Those question are all related to a graph,tables, and many other things

next person is ricardo , but the list was confusing so yeah , hope u didnt do 4 scribs


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