December 15, 2006

daphne's SAIS blogging on blogging

The CONICS was a very interesting, mind-squizzing, and mental blocking unit (...for me!!!). It was a lot of "It seems like a complicated problem" remark but in reality, most of Mr. K's problem are the basics. Unfornately in my part, I found it hard to solve word problems especially when we are looking for the equation such as the ellipses and hyperbola. Parabola equations are way easier to solve than ellipses and hyperbola because I sometimes mixed up the information needed to find the equation. Futhermore, complicated word problems sort of gave me a headache specifically when I'm in the part of solving the equation then suddenly I'm stock because I do not know what will be my next step but in all fairness, Mr. K did a great job in teaching us this unit. He explained every unsolved problems in details and he never gave up on us until we are confident enough to solve CONICS problems with a guaranteed high mark. In addition, I would to thank those who helped me in this unit because without I may not be able to understand some of the topics.

Go pre-cal 40S!!!!!!!!!!!!....We can all do it on top!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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