December 14, 2006

Analytic Geometry ( Conics )

Hello everybody!, I hope everyone is doing fine tonight. I am today's scribe and well here's a short summary of today's class. In the morning we came in class, like any other day and then Mr. K put up 3 kinds of problem solving questions on the board and we had to answer them. He gave us sometime then we took up the questions. Here are some of my answers. The first question was:

An earthquake observation centre is located at coordinates (-2,5). An earthquake epicentre is located at a distance 120k, from the observation centre. What is the equation of the circle that defines where the epicentre ca be located?

** I would just like to say, I couldn't get most of the explanations on how we got the answers for these questions, because in the morning there was 2 fire drills. Very sorry about that.

Well the answer for this first quesion was (x+2)^2 + (y-5)^2 = 120^2.

This is the second quetion:

A reflector dish has a diamtere of 1.8 and is 24cm deep. Model the dish as aparabola opening up with its vertex at the origin. Find its equation and the coordinates of the focus.

Well around this time, we got the fire drill, and then we stood outside for a bit, so I didn't have too much time to copy the answers. We gt back in and then we somehow got into the convo about the sun, and I learned that in the galaxy our solar system is caled the "orion's arm" or something like that.

In the afternoon, we were supposed to have a pre-test but we finished up the last question from the morning, and this was when tennyson came up to the bored, and it was quite funny actually. Then a little after that we got into groups and we did some problem solving questions together. I personally found the questions, not hard, but confusing, because for some reason we kept mixing up numbers and what not. Anyways I hope everyone is ready fo the test on monday, and tomrrow is our pre-test! Good luck Everyone! That is all. Till next time, BYE !


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