January 29, 2007


Last Thursday morning the students in this class wrote their final exam. That afternoon we wrapped up our class and recorded this podcast. It's called a podcapsule because, like a time capsule, it'll stay here as a permanent record of the students reflections and recommendations to themselves on how to guarantee their success in their next math class.

Although the class is over and the podcast is done you can keep it going as long as you like ...

First listen to the podcast (6.3 Mb, 13 minutes 11 seconds), then, if you like, you can keep it alive by adding an audio comment or text comment on this post.

1 comment:

  1. Can't believe I would be hearing this after 6 years. Guess what I said about not takin course again was right, because I didn't really need in Nursing. Though exerting time, effort, abd energy in class was a big help. I missed this awesome class. - Richard