January 16, 2007

BOB.... how about probability

What was the probability that after taking the day off school to sleep so that maybe i'd get my voice back, that i would remember to do my blogging on blogging?? all i can say is Thanks to the kids that posted them before now, cause when i went to check the scribe post to see what i missed, BOBs were posted!! Anywho enough about that, how about that probability unit?? I don't know about any of you, but I thought it was a good unit... I think there were only a couple times that i didn't know what i was doing, and those times were cleared up rather quickly. The other day when we did the pretest my group did so well.... minus a slip up where we were soo close. My favourite thing about the unit was doing the "what is the probability of A given that you already B?" those ones were no sweat... but the combinatoric ones still trip me up every once in a while... especially when i get distracted :D ... so i hope that i can keep focused and do well on that test tomorrow... and of course that everyone else does well too.... ok that's all for me tonight cause i'm getting some more sleep... who knows i might even get my whole voice back tomorrow.... till then, like mr. k says "Learn hard!!"

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