December 10, 2006

Conic Scribe Post

Hey everyone it's tennyson in the house!!!!

During the morning we started to work out some problems that we had from the last homework that everybody had troubles with.

From the homework Exercise sheet


Determine the equation of the circle which passes throguht the points
J(-3,2) k(4,1) L(6,5).


this is an example of how we know where the centre is
( spelling error know = knowing )

we have to find the midpoint.

So we used Rise/Run

m(KL)= 4/2 = 2
m(AL)= -1/2



After that the whole class has to do the paper folding again, this time for the "Hyperbola"

Here was a sample of what it turn out to be:

After that we had to calculate what line measures up to.

Pf1 - Pf2 = 56mm-135mm = 79

Qf1-Qf2 =146mm-69mm = 77

Rf1-Rf2 =143mm - 69mm = 76

A1A2= 81

( note: my calculations are different from other students)

During the afternoon mr.K was away , so we just did a quiz & homework on exercise 38

well by3 everyone , next person would be : JOHN!!!!!

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