December 20, 2006

BOBing the conic way :D

Looks like its that time again folks... that's right BOB time, which
means a test is really
close... and this was a short unit, but that
didn't mean we didn't learn a lot :D ... conics
was not my favourite
unit, but it was far from the worst, so overall its not too bad. I
i was doing ok... until i hit the online quiz... but i figure
my barely passing mark was
because of some poor
concentration.. i like doing the quizzes at home, but this
time there were
just too many distractions, but if i had paid
attention (i just went and reviewed my
mistakes... jeeze i made
a lot of dumb ones) i could have done really well... so this means
that during the test i really need to just buckle
down, stay calm and believe that i know what
I'm doing... then i will
do just fine... other than that the hardest part for me is just trying

to make everything work out correctly without missing steps because
I'm rushing.. again if i
stay calm and take my time I'll end up with
a much better result.. well that's just about it
from me, and soon
for conics too (until the going for gold assignment and exam anyways :D )...

So good luck everyone, and I'll see you on test day :D *learn hard!!* :P

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