November 12, 2006

Lisa's Blogging on Blogging # 4

Hey again guys... we are suppose to do blogging right?? well here's my look at this unit.... at first i found logarithms really easy... i was understanding the board work and everything, and keeping up on my homework, honestly for the first time this semester... the "doing your homework, swooshing every time" speech really got to me.... i understood the word problems, and i thought i had it down, and was pretty confident about going into the tests and stuff.... and yet even though i've been trying hard, and think i really had it this time, when i wrote the pre-test, and the quiz this weekend i ended up with really low marks... i just don't get it... maybe i just have to try even harder than i have... and i think i need to be talking to mr. k about my obvious confusion with questions on tests rather than on the board.... well i have to go study some more so i'm gonna go... good luck with the test guys and i guess i'll see you soon!! Nighty night!!!

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